Where to buy eliquids in Japan

Top Eliquid companies in Japan

1) EBEASTO ( ebeasto.com)

2) NIPPONVAPE (nipponvape.com)

3) Kamikaze

4) Biso

Today Ecigarettes are getting very popular all around the world and Japan is one of the most fastest emerging market of it. At first I would like to make it clear that selling liquid nicotine is banned in Japan and the only way to get it is to import from other country. (Note: Only 120ml of is allowed to enter in Japan for personal use). Ok so instead of writing a lengthy story let me come to the point that where can we buy cheap and quality eliquids in Japan. There are few good eliquid companies like Kamikaze and biso but these are expensive and I think its hard to afford expensive eliquid for a long time so the other best options are ebeasto or nipponvape eliquids.  They are cheap,  have tons of flavors, have live chat support and biggest thing is they speaks English and accepts Paypal. Although websites are in Japanese but can be easily  translate by google translate and even if someone is facing problem can directly ask for a help on there live chat support.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day and enjoy vaping.

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